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Spartan Dance Video
PCYG Talent Show- Me Dancing
PCYG Talent Show-Zoe and Katie

Had a great weekend performing.  First I had the the Spring Showcase at the Hannah Center presented by Spartan Dance Center.  An extra special thank you goes out to Hondo, my B-boy instructor.  I have learned a lot this year, and enjoy going to lessons each week. (He is the last one to dance in the Spartan Dance Video)  Spartan Dance Center is a great place. I hope to keep on getting better.
Next up was the Peoples Church Talent Show where I performed a variety of dances.  My sister and her friend Katie also did a great job singing.  Check out the link to their video as well. 
Kathy and Jim
5/3/2011 02:04:25 am

Uncle Jim sez "Rock on Bryce!" "Beautiful singing Zoe"

Thank you, we enjoyed your performances!!!!!!!! Good work!


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