I will be at the MSU Dance Marathon with my team to show off our new routine.  Our dancing will begin at 1:30 in the IM Circle on Michigan States Campus.  Click here for  some info about the event, and even donate to a great cause.
I'm at the MSU/Illinois basketball game and the half time show was roller skating breakdancers. It was pretty awesome.
I really do like the song.
Thanks for checking in, everyone!  I have had a fun summer, but I'm thrilled that the weather is finally cooling off so I can get outside and dance again.  The MSU students make a great audience, and they are back in town.  It was great dancing for the tailgates Friday evening before the first MSU game of the season (watch it here).  Come check me out during the fall as I dance next to the Peanut Barell from time to time.  
Check out the new videos that are up from the video section
I have been busy learning some new moves throughout the winter.  Now that the weather is nice again I will soon  be heading to downtown East Lansing to share some of my moves.  I just added a new video that can help you learn Top Rock.  Check it out in my video clips.
I went to my first out of town breakdance battle.  I made it past the first round.   My 2 vs. 2 partner Ben(blue shirt) and I (green shirt) traveled with our families to Grand Rapids for the battle on Friday night.  If we would have won we would have gotten a trophy and $100.   A huge thank you to my instructors Tom and Hondo for getting us ready to battle.  They were in Grand Rapids with us and helped a bunch.   Check out some of the new pictures and videos on my site. 
I'm heading to downtown to dance in a few minutes.  I also danced on Friday night.  Thanks to everyone that stopped by to watch.
Thank you  to everyone that came out and watched me at the Folk Fest tonight. I also enjoyed listening to all of the music and eating dinner downtown.   I hope to be out there again this weekend.  Check out Channel 6 tonight at 11:00.  They took some video of me dancing and said that I would be on TV.
It's been a really fun summer.  I've spent a lot of time with my family.  It's been too hot to dance outside for most of the summer, but I have still been practicing my dancing.  Last week I went to B-Boy camp and had a good time and made new friends.  Hondo and Tom (my instructors) were nice to me.  I have a picture of them with me.  I also have a picture of my certificate that I got for winning all three battles in a row.  Weather is starting to cool down so I should be out again soon.  I might even get out today.